Hello. I am a PhD Candidate in Finance at Washington University in St. Louis. I obtained a BBA in Finance and a BS in Applied Mathematics both in 2018 from Peking University. I studied at The Ohio State University in 2017.

You are welcome to check my CV.

Research Interests

Financial Intermediation
Corporate Governance
Public Finance

Working Papers

  1. When the Thin Bench Gets Thinner: Investment Bank Consolidation and Municipal Finance SSRN, Slides, BibLaTex
  2. The Welfare Benefits of Pay-As-You-Go Financing (with Paul Gertler, Brett Green, & David Sraer) SSRN, Slides, BibLaTex
    • Scheduled for WFA 2024 and CICF 2024
  3. Do Board Connections between Product Market Peers Impede Competition? (with Radha Gopalan & Alminas ┼Żaldokas) SSRN, Slides, BibLaTex